Why buy cheap medical stuff online

Cheap medical stuff online; nowhere does the Latin aphorism Caveat Emptor seem to come more into play than with these four words. It even sounds like a four-way oxymoron. You don’t want your medical stuff to either be cheap or come online. However, we use the word cheap as in ‘inexpensive,’ or ‘affordable.’ When it comes to healthcare cost, and premiums, and out-of-pocket expenses, and so on and so forth, cheap – within the proper context – actually starts to sound pretty good. That leaves the online part. Even though shopping online has become second nature to myriads of people, some still have their reservations concerning the purchase of medical supplies on the Internet. The truth is that while you should be careful, you should not any more careful than when buying, say, a plasma TV from Amazon.

Advantages of buying cheap medical stuff online

·         Low prices

Not to beat the point to the ground, but low prices are inherent to online shopping for two reasons. First, not being brick-and-mortar means that online stores are not constrained by physical space – in fact they have access to many manufacturers allowing them to find the best prices available. Second, the competition between the many online stores ensures that prices tend to go down instead of up. For example, Discount Medical Supplies guarantees the lowest prices on most products (see terms of use). 

·         Compare and contrast

It is sadly a sign of the times that most people can’t be bothered to compare prices between two physical stores even if they are side by side. But the internet makes that point moot. You can literally open two windows or two tabs and put two cheap medical stuff online stores one next to the other – especially if you have two screens.

·         Delivery

Once again, no need to exert yourself; the medical supplier will deliver your order straight to your front door. This is especially useful for caregivers who cannot leave a sick loved one out of their sight for too long. DMS offers standard ground delivery, 2-day delivery, and standard overnight delivery. The manufacturers with whom DMS has a working relationship have warehouses all across the USA, and will dropship the parcel via UPS, SPS, or FedEx.

·         Free shipping

Free shipping applies for orders over $100 placed at Discount Medical Supplies, with the exception of heavy items such as wheelchairs, transfer benches, and others. In some cases duty fees and taxes that are not part of DMS’s shipping charges may apply when your cheap medical stuff online arrives. Puerto Rico, Alaska and Hawaii do not qualify for free shipping.

·         Variety

As mentioned above, the number of manufacturers and warehouses that DMS works with provides customers with many options to choose from. For instance, you have a choice between multiple models of TENS units, EMS units, Interferential units, Russian Stim units, and even devices that combine all four. The two constants among them all are low price and high quality.  


In spite of all of the above, we must insist; buyer beware. Not all that glitters is gold on the Internet. There are many fly-by-night, Johnny-come-latelies out there. What you need is an accredited business (by the way, DMS is a BBB-Accredited, Shopper-Approved, LivePerson-Rated, Norton-Secured, PayPal-Verified Business) that has been around (DMS has more than a decade of experience) and which will protect your personal and credit card information. And that also cares.

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