Children-friendly pediatric medical equipment: Nebulizers

pediatric medical equipment

Most people in hospitals regress to childhood; if more children-friendly pediatric medical equipment were available perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. As the saying goes, you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Similarly, you can improve patient compliance with kid-friendly medical supplies. Take for instance pediatric nebulizers; a veritable plastic menagerie including dogs, bears, hippos, elephants, frogs, ducks, penguins, and dragons. It’s just like the Hundred Acre Wood if Christopher Robin had had asthma and all of his stuffed friends were actually nebulizers.

Inarguably the tubes and masks and whatnot are scary enough for small infants, but if you present the device in the guise of a colorful, smiling, wide-eyed critter endowed with an alliterative name like Puff the Penguin, then the patient will not only not be repelled by it, but will actually be drawn to it. The same logic could be just as easily applied to adults. Sadly, in most social circles it isn’t acceptable for adults to wear a doggy mask on any day that isn’t Halloween. Now, if someone manufactured an aerosol mask for adults and named it Puff the Magic Dragon, they would have a hit in their hands.


Back to the business at hand; pediatric medical equipment that is friendly to its intended users. Perhaps you have noticed how toddlers put all sorts of things in their mouths. That’s probably the reason that pacifiers are so popular among them, and also the reason that the Pedi Pacifier Nebulizer is so very efficient. As a matter of fact, this product is so effective that even though children are not too fond of taking medicine, they still prefer this pacifier over the Vin Diesel movie of the same name. That’s right; could have gone with a Maggie Simpson reference, but that would have been too easy.

If you still doubt that these medical supplies are the friendliest to children you could ever find, then let’s just put it like this: no other beagle has ever been a better friend to a kid since Snoopy and Charlie Brown. In conclusion, if asthma is making you feel froggy, this is your chance to jump for any of these pieces of kid-friendly pediatric medical equipment and provide children – your own if you’re a parent of your patients if you’re a doctor – with a fun way to receive the medication that they need.