Clamp-on Tub Grab Bars and Suction Shower Grab Bars

If you’re going to modify your own home so that it is disable-access-friendly, you should always go with permanent fixtures, such as the Chrome Knurled Grab Bars or the Firmgrip Grab Bars, by Invacare Supply Group. If you properly install and use those types of grab bars you’re guaranteed not to fall down, unless you bring the entire wall down with you somehow. But what if you, or a person under your care who needs the stability of a grab bar, has to travel for whatever reason? If you don’t know whether where you’re staying has bathroom safety accessories in place, then you’re going to have to bring them with you. 
That is where clamp-on tub grab bars or suction shower grab bars can come in very handy. These are portable non-permanent bathroom safety items. Suction bars include products like the Safe-er-Grip Suction Tub Bar, and the Safe-er-Grip Swivel Suction Tub Bar by Invacare Supply Group. The former has a handle which features a rubberized grip surface on the underside of the bar, and its flip-up easy release tab system allows for quick and easy installation and removal. The latter is similar but comes with a multi-positional swivel feature that offers a wide range of positioning options.

Clamp-ons, on the other hand, are a type of bathroom grab bar that is attached to the side of the tub, and clamped down into place by means of a dial. The grab bar rises from the clamp in the shape of a U, and may or may not be adjustable for height, depending on the model you buy. An example of a clamp-on tub grab bar at Discount Medical Supplies is the White Bathtub Rail by Invacare Supply Group, which has a wide contact area that helps distribute weight evenly. 
Suction shower grab bars must be affixed to a solid surface, such as tub or shower walls, and never over grout lines. Since this type of grab bar is a temporary aid, full weight should not be applied in order to avoid accidents. Both suction and clamp-ons are usually made with plastic, though other materials may be used as well. Non-permanent bathroom fixtures are not only useful when traveling, but also if you rent and your landlord doesn’t permit more permanent appendages.

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