Coloplast Ostomy Supplies: Coloplast Products

According to, this company provides special products and services to patients with private medical conditions. They brand themselves as producing “intimate” healthcare. Their goal is to make patients feel comfortable and secure, no matter their situation. 
Coloplast ostomy supplies comprise a large segment of their business. They know how important it is for ostomy patients to feel secure and discreet while living their everyday lives. This global company can provide all the ostomy supplies that a patient might need, including wound care tape. 
Coloplast Ostomy Supplies
There are a wide array of Coloplast Ostomy Supplies to choose from. These include:
SenSura Mio is a patented brand that fits a variety of body shapes and sizes. This is a closed one-piece product. This flexible, elastic adhesive is made to conform to a number of body types.
The original SenSura brand is based on ostomy bags. These bags are different since they feature double-layer adhesive. This provides extra security and comfort as well.
Brava Mouldable Ring’s primary use is to create a seal between the product and the stoma. This not only helps to protect the skin but protects against leakage as well.
Brava Strip Paste is used to fill in cavities and folds that are deeper and harder to access. This allows it to stick to the skin more securely. It can also absorb moisture. 

Securing Ostomy Supplies with Wound Care Tape
To help keep Coloplast Ostomy Supplies securely in place, wound care tape is the perfect product. 
There are various tapes to choose from:
Johnson and Johnson Zonas Porous Tape is strong, durable and versatile. The porous material allows perspiration to be removed from the, skin keeping the area comfortable. The special edges also allow this tape to be torn easily.
3M Healthcare 3M Transpore Tape is water-resistant and transparent. This is a great tape for securing ostomy pouches. The tape is hypoallergenic and latex-free. This product is easily torn and also convenient.
No matter which of the Coloplast Ostomy Supplies you may choose, you can count on them to be high quality healthcare products. They are designed with ostomy patients’ needs in mind. with a view to keep them protected and feeling comfortable at all times. 
Anything from adhesives to rings to wound care tape can be purchased to suit your particular needs. Every healthcare product above is designed with the patient in mind, to ensure the ultimate in satisfaction.