Our contribution to Patient Safety Awareness Week

From March 2nd to the 8th is the celebration of the annual Patient Safety Awareness Week, an educational health movement focused on providing relevant information to everyone on safety practices when tending for a patient. This awareness week is led by the National Patient Safety Foundation (NPSF) and this year’s theme is “Navigate your health… Safely”. Their main goal is to inform practitioners, caregivers and patients on how an erroneous diagnosis could affect a person’s health more deeply than the condition itself. According to the NPSF, one out of ten diagnoses is wrong, delayed or missed completely and that this accounts for 40,000 to 80,000 deaths per year in the US. This is why they have teamed up with the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) to create and spread educational material for health professionals, caregivers and patients to understand and prevent diagnostic mistakes.

Discount Medical Supplies has a variety of products specialized in care giving and living aids.  It is an online store created for caregivers and patients in need of the best quality in equipment at an affordable price along with important product information and health news. Joining this week’s patient safety campaign, here is a list and tips on all the necessary items to assist a patient in a harmless environment:

Incontinence: at some point in our lives, usually with old age, some of our body systems begin to fail (without this meaning a very serious condition), but yet we lose control on our bladder emissions. This is why it is important for a caregiver or patient to have the incontinence product that best fits their needs at hand. Adult diapers, pads, briefs, bedwetting alarms, bed pads, mattress protectors, urinal, bedpans, perineal wash cloths or sprays, skin protective creams, catheters and urology supplies, etc.

Diabetic Supplies: Some patients could be diabetic and would need their caregiver to have the proper diabetic supplies to attend any special situation. Glucose control meters and accessories, insulin syringes and products, skin care and diabetic clothing.

Daily living aids: Normally if a professional caregiver is needed or if it is a relative solely taking care for the patient it is probably because they are bedridden. Therefore along with dressing aids is the need to have the correct commodes for the specific needs and features of the patient to have around the house. Transfer benches, bath and shower stools or seats, bedside commodes, raised toilet seats, toilet safety frames and grab bars among others.

Mobility Aids: Another must-have product. Picking the right transportation aid is essential and should be taken lightly. The patient’s comfort and safety should be the number one consideration to keep in mind when acquiring a mobility aid. Walkers, lifts, crutches, rollators, wheelchairs, etc.

It is also and always important to keep a first aid kit in a place you will always know it’s there. And be ready at all times with emergency numbers and contacts.