Red Cross Safety Tube Kit Emergency Preparedness

A safety tube is an emergency preparedness kit available at the American Red Cross store. It is similar to a Compact First Aid kit in intention if not in content. The contents of a safety tube include a whistle, a 1/12 hour light stick, a drinking water pouch, a procedural mask, and emergency blanket, and a plastic tube. This safety kit is aimed at commuters, workplaces and schools, can be carried or stored in bags, glove compartments, and desk drawers, and comes with preparedness tips and room to write emergency contact info. A safety tube or emergency kit is only a small part of what you can do to be ready for an emergency.
In order to protect your home and family, you need to determine the type of emergencies that are most likely to take place where you live, devise and practice a disaster plan, have at least one family member trained in first aid techniques, and own emergency kit. In addition to what a safety tube contains (mentioned above) or the items featured in a Compact First Aid kit (bandages, gauze, alcohol pads, cotton swabs, etc), there are other objects you need to keep handy like water, food, batteries, medications, tools, personal documents, cell phone and charger, cash, blankets and a map.

It might be a bit more difficult to prepare an entire school for an emergency, but that’s why the American Red Cross came up with a free-membership program called the American Red Cross Ready Rating. This program is an ongoing effort to establish and improve emergency preparedness policies not only in schools, but also at businesses and organizations. Moreover, the American Red Cross Masters of Disaster curriculum covers a wide array of topics such as coping with tough issues like terrorism, war and pandemic flu, earthquakes, fire prevention and safety, floods, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, and wild land fires.
Additionally, the Red Cross offers flexible training alternatives for employees so that the knowledge that can save a co-worker’s life is available at the work place. The common thread in all of the scenarios described here is the imperative presence of a safety tube kit, Compact first aid kit, or in general an emergency preparedness kit, or even all of them. Like we said, you can purchase the safety tube at the Red Cross store, and you can also find a Compact First Aid kit at Discount Medical Supplies.

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