Debridement Procedure For Wound Cleansing

The process of wound debridement is used to speed up the healing process of a wound. According to Aurora Health Care, debridement involves the removal of a wound’s unhealthy tissue. It can be done in a variety of ways such as chemically, surgically or mechanically. 
There are certain steps involved in wound cleanser and debridement care. It can be completed by either a healthcare professional or at home. When cleansing a wound at home, wound care tape provides optimal healing for a wound. 
Why wound debridement is needed
There are several reasons why wound cleanser and debridement care is needed. 
These include:
Removing disease-riddled tissue, crusting and dead cells
Creating a wound edge to decrease the possibility of scarring
Aiding in the healing process of severe burns
Collecting a tissue sample for testing and diagnosis

Types of Debridement
A healthcare professional can utilize several different types of procedures which can involve:
Surgical debridement is done using scalpels, scissors, forceps, and other tools. It is best used on large and painful wounds. It can also be used in urgent cases.
Chemical debridement involves a wound cleanser applied directly to the wound.  A dressing is then applied to the wound. 
Mechanical debridement can involve whirlpool tubs, syringes and catheters or dressings. 
Securing debridement
When dressings are utilized for wound cleanser and debridement care, the correct wound care tape must be chosen from. 
These can include:
The Original Pink Tape by Invacare Supply Group is a latex-free tape that is tailor made for sensitive or delicate skin. It is great for extended wear.
Johnson and Johnson Elastikon Tape is highly twistable and elastic. It is best utilized when dynamic pressure needs to be applied to a dressing.
3M Healthcare 3M Transpore White Tape is highly breathable and water-resistant. It is another gentle tape to be used on sensitive skin. It provides strong adhesion and easy to tear.
Wound cleanser and debridement care are required in order to allow a wound to properly heal and prevent further complications. While a healthcare professional is needed for the initial steps, the after-care can be handled at home. 
Dressings are applied to the wound, to create the perfect environment for wound healing. Wound care tape holds the dressing in place to create a barrier from outside elements. Once all of the steps are carefully followed, your wound will heal quicker and complication-free.