Differences of Microcurrent Therapy Devices

Microcurrent Electrical Neuromuscular Stimulation, or Microcurrent therapy, is the use of small, pulsating currents of electricity to combat pain. The currents are tailored to match the normal level of electrical exchanges that take place in the body at the cellular level. Electric muscle stimulation therapy can help to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation. This type of therapy can treat a wide range of healthcare needs-- from minor to severe. 
Distinct Factors of Microcurrent Therapy Devices
Electric muscle stimulation therapy is conducted through a specialized device. While all of the devices are served to better the health of a patient, they all encompass differences. 

Here are a few of the differences: 

Size – The units can vary greatly in size with some being small and portable that attach directly to a belt to devices that are as large as suitcase. The size you choose varies depending upon your particular condition as well as your requirements. 
Price – Prices vary according to the strength of the device,  and whether it will be used at home or in a professional setting. 
Conditions – Your particular condition will determine which device you should utilize. Conditions include headaches, back pain, neuropathy, sport injuries and much more. This will cause some distinctive differences between the different types of devices in the marketplace. 
Clearance – The FDA has cleared many of these devices and they are known as Class II Medical Devices. A prescription is required before one of these is purchased.

Types of Devices
These are several of the most popular electric muscle stimulation therapy devices:
Micro II Micro Current is gentle and effective enough to treat a range of conditions. The device targets the painful area and delivers a slight current as it works to alleviate pain.
Micro II – Analog Mircocurrent is portable and lightweight. This device works at the cellular level by realigning the current of the body with an essential molecule known as ATP. 
InTENSity Micro Combo is the combination of micro-current technology and TENS technology. This device features 4 TENS modes and 3 micro-current cycles. This device is known to treat a wide range of pain levels.
Electric muscle stimulation therapy is safe, effective and produces great results. Pain is managed effectively and efficiently through this therapy. If you want to make sure this therapy is right for you, you can get in touch with a healthcare professional today.  

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