Dignity and Discretion in Incontinence

dignity and discretion

One doesn’t want to encounter the time when you are in need to rely on any of the products in this list; however, we are all glad and thankful that they exist. If you are a caregiver or beginning to care for a person that might require adult diapers or either yourself might be experiencing some incontinence issue, there is a way for you to deal with the situation with dignity and discretion.

Incontinence or being incontinent refers to the involuntary excretion of urinary and/or bowel contents. Both are fairly common and distressing problems that can really affect the quality of life of the person suffering from it. Normally this condition is a direct result of a different medical condition, and in the vast majority of cases is a treatable condition, but due to the nature of it is not reported as much by patients who suffer from it. It is important to know that if you are experiencing incontinence issues and have not consulted with your doctor to go ahead and do so.

Incontinence has different ranges of severity, from light to heavy and thus there are different pads and undergarments for adults.  Judging from the quantity of fluids that you might require a particular type of pad or adult diaper. These are designed a certain way for dignity and discretion. Their materials tend to be cloth-like so they feel like any normal piece of underwear.

Incontinence is not a condition that affects only the bedridden, active adults can have this condition and still lead a normal life. With the assistance of pads and undergraments that are designed to allow mobility and feel like normal clothing. For heavier cases on incontinence, the absorbance and thickness of the pad or diaper can be larger to sustain a lot more fluids without and securing them in a safe way. Also, they are fabricated in a way to maintain the overall wellness of the skin, with breathable fabrics and materials that let air in to keep the skin dry at all times. Also, for caregivers, some of the pads have special indicators letting them know when the underwear or diaper is in need for a change.

Since these pads and disposable underwear are to be used constantly, it is advisable to get, if possible, at wholesale quantities. That way in any eventuality you would have as back up an extra item to help you deal with any special situation without any type of stress. We here at Discount Medical Supplies understand this and have in our catalogue a large variety of undergarments available to you at all times.


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