Discount Medical Supplies and the rise of ostomy chic

When did ostomy become the new black? It all started -at least for us at Discount Medical Supplies when 23 year old English make-up artist Bethany Townsend donned a very scant bikini adorned with her colostomy bag. It’s hard to say whether she was the first, but she certainly hasn’t been the last or the only one. The positive reception to her revealing photo made Miss Townsend consider the possibility of a career in modeling. A similar success story is that of fellow British male model and bodybuilder Blake Beckford.

The 33 year old has struggled with chronic bowel disease for over a decade, and along the way he lost his colon to that condition. Having to wear an ileostomy bag almost put an end to his dreams of working in the fitness industry. Before the surgery to remove his colon, Beckford experienced bleeding, pain, and weight loss, and had to take over 20 medications. But you couldn’t tell that from UK magazine Men’s Fitness, for which Beckford recently posed shirtless but not bag-less. “I wanted to show people that you can be confident in who you are, still be attractive, be proud of yourself and most of all embrace your ostomy,” Beckford told People. That’s a sentiment that Discount Medical Supplies fully supports.


Ostomy chic is not exclusive to the United Kingdom, though, or to models for that matter. You might think that bellydancing with an ostomy bag would be like tap dancing with a foot cast, but 27-year-old Margaret MacLennan says “you'd probably have to kill me or chop off most of my legs. As long as I have a part of me that can dance, I'm still going to do it.” The Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada native has had to wear an ostomy bag as a result of ulcerative colitis. “For a while I thought I was going to have to quit belly dance, because having an ileostamy should be a career-ending illness for a belly dancer,” she told CBC News last month. “I was really upset for about a half hour, but it was only a half hour and I remembered that's not why I started dancing in the first place.” She’s currently rehearsing to perform in United Ostomy Association of Canada event. Discount Medical Supplies applauds her for killing two birds with one stone.

These three individuals are living proof that ostomy bags are not body bags, and that your life doesn’t end for having to wear one. That might be the end of many things, but it can also be the start of many other, new and exciting experiences. Who knows, maybe soon we’ll have runways showcasing the latest in ostomy bags. Stay tuned to Discount Medical Supplies for more news on this fascinating trend.

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