Discount Medical Supplies at Caregiver Expo in Toledo, Ohio

Every day and in many parts of the United States there are men and women who struggle from dawn to dusk to give care and assistance to an elderly parent or a disabled loved one.  Families are subjected to great pressure as they watch their parents grow old and at the same time having to be caregivers for them.  What better way to handle such situations, than resorting to an event that is created exclusively for caregivers such as a caregiver Expo?  Filled with support groups and information on great alternatives of insurance providers, online medical supply stores, hospice care and more, this Caregiver Expo had the goal to deliver one single message to all caregivers: You are not alone!
Dr. Jon Segal, founder and CEO of Discount Medical Supplies had the honor to be invited as a panelist to the Caregiver Expo that took place in Toledo, Ohio on November 2.

We ask Dr. Jon:
Tell us about your experience at the Caregiver Expo.
What I love about the Caregiver Expo is that you get to meet caregivers that are actually taking care of patients and I think that is very important for us as CEOs and people who own companies to really see the people that are buying the products and how they are using the products and how they are taking care of their family members.  It was fantastic to hear their questions and answer them.  The question/answer question with the caregiver makes you realize what your clients are looking for and what their needs are. 
Why is Discount Medical Supplies so determined to help caregivers?
I am caregiver and I have been a caregiver for a very long time. When I was young, at the age of 10, my father was very sick with cancer for three years and my brother and I became caregivers helping my father all day while my mother was out at work. Later in life, my mother got sick before my father passed away and was in the hospital for 6 weeks. So again, helping take care of my mother at a young age, most people do not think of caregivers as kids, but kids are caregivers helping their older family members.  As I got older, I had a grandmother that was very sick from Alzheimer's.  She lived with us and during that time I remember helping and watching my mother changing her incontinence products and assist her. 
Because of all this I decided to become a doctor so I can help people as well as my mother became a nursing home administrator so she could really help people out there within that demographic. 
Right now I currently have a 102 year old grandfather who I help with a lot of his day to day tasks so caregivers come in very different forms and very different age demographics.  So because I was a caregiver at a very young age up until now, as well as having three children who also need caregiving from their mothers and fathers, I decided to want to be the place that caregivers come to because we are caregivers.  My staff are caregivers. They are taking care of family members, they taking care of their children and adults, so we are caregivers and we understand what caregivers are looking for, we make them see that they are not alone and we help them choose the right product as we know exactly what they are going through. 
Can you name a few products the caregivers can benefit from with DMS?
Discount Medical Supplies carries an extensive variety of products that caregiver will need at some point such as Incontinence Products, Wound Care Products, Mobility Products and Pain Management.  For incontinence, we have the adult diapers, female diapers, bed sheets, bed pads. For wound care, we have all different types of dressings and gauze.  For mobility aids, we carry walkers, rollators, canes, and wheelchairs. In addition, for pain management we have pain relieving gels, tens units and units and even Thera-bands for stretching. 
Why do you think these types of events are so important? 
Because it is great for me who is sitting behind the working to build a company and have our consumers benefit from what we do. It is great for me to be out there answering questions of caregivers who are using our products teaching us how we can better service them. Also to have them realize that we are them.  We are just like them, we do the same things they do every day, and it is nice for them to know that they are coming to a face, not just a place or a website.