Discount Medical Supplies joins Lupus Awareness Month

Discount Medical Supplies joins Lupus Awareness MonthLupus is a cruel and relentless disease. It is an incurable condition that affects our immune system and it a majority of cases affects females more than males. It is a complicated condition to diagnose mainly because it shares several symptoms with other ailments. It can damage any part of the body including organs, the skin and joints.

Perhaps the most vicious aspect of this condition is that is chronic, meaning that the symptoms of the condition can last longer than a month, and incase for many years. And it is a disease that makes the person who suffers from it, to go through periods of flares (symptoms worsen) and remissions (when the patient feels better).  It is believed that there is an approximate 1.5 million people in the US that suffers from Lupus, and every year more that 16,000 new diagnoses are reported.

Lupus is not a contagious disease and its believed to be genetically transmitted. It is no related or similar to cancer or HIV by any stretch of the definition. People of black, Hispanic and Asian descent can be up to three times more likely to develop the condition than caucasians. This disease develops mostly in people between the ages of 15-44, as it was before stated, it attacks women during their adulthood mainly, but men and children can also get this disease. For a doctor to make a proper and accurate diagnose of Lupus disease he or she will need to make an evaluation of the patient’s symptoms, the family medical history and perform several lab test results.  Lupus is not related to arthritis, however, people who suffer from the condition can experience pain in their joints and muscles.

In order to someday hopefully find a cure to this disease, we must first begin to help raise awareness to this illness. Furthermore, the month of May is regarded as “Lupus Awareness Month”. This yearly valiant effort looks to make more people learn important facts about this condition and how it can affect us all. This campaign has adopted the color purple as its official color and the hashtag #LupusAwareness is encouraged to be used on social media. 

Discount Medical Supplies supports Lupus Awareness Month and encourages all our customers and users to get informed on this disease and how you can take action of your own. We invite you to visit specialized sites like for more detailed information on the disease and what is being done to help put an end to it.