Discount Medical Supplies: More than Just an Online Store

Discount Medical is a renowned medical supply online company that has been gaining the trust or patients, practitioners and the public across America and the rest of the world. However, one more niche has been turning to Discount Medical Supplies not only to purchase their products, but also for advice and comfort is Caregivers.

When Dr.Jon Segal, CEO of Discount Medical Supplies, conceptualized the company, he knew he wanted to be present and ready to contribute to all the needs of caregivers around the world.  As a caregiver himself, he knows how hard it is to be a caregiver and is effectively aware of the help they need not only in regards to medical supplies, but mainly in the emotional end of the job.

The company has a section specifically dedicated to Caregivers.  In this caregiver section, you will be able to find valuable information that will help you understand the different stages in caregiving.  At the same time you will also learn about tips and things you can do to make this process a lot easier to handle.


Caregiving is all about love and kindness and that is why Discount Medical Supplies uses its social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to reach out to all the caregiving community with support and understanding. Featuring and hosting the DMSHealth chat via Twitter, the company talks about important caregiving topics inviting important advocates in caregiving to share their stories and their advice with all the participants. At the same time, DMS is also present in other twitter chats for dementia, Alzheimer's, Diabetes and General Health to advice the public on different topics. Through Facebook, the company displays beautiful and uplifting quotes supporting anyone who might be going through a difficult time in caregiving as well as healthy life hacks to keep yourself going strong.

Finally yet importantly, it features  an extensive catalogue of products that caregivers will need for their loved ones.  Products such as Incontinence Supplies, Catheters, Mobility Aids and Pain Management that are usually needed in caregiving are displayed and fully available to be shipped discretely to your home.  A professional and patient customer service staff will guide you adequately through the site and assist you when placing the order.

Discount Medical Supplies Online Store is definitely more than just an online medical superstore. It is the home of many caregivers who are not able to leave the house for any support groups because of their caregiving duties.  It is the perfect place for comfort and support.

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