Discount Medical Supplies: No Pain, Yes Gain

Much of the Discount Medical Supplies business revolves around pain. However, we are alien to the concept of schadenfreude; in fact, we subscribe to the opposing concept of mudita. To put it in simpler terms, we do not derive profit from other people’s pain, but from the relief of that pain. In other words, we’re not happy when you’re hurt because that means you’ll buy our products; on the contrary, we’re happy when our products make you feel better. To be sure money is involved. Everybody loves money, that’s why they call it money. At DMS, though, we make money but we also save you money, so it’s a win/win situation.

Moreover, our pain-relieving products are almost exclusively non-invasive. That is, they are mostly applied topically and at most transcutaneously. Examples of the former include pain relief gels, lotions and ointments (such as the Cryoderm Thermoderm Individual Lotion Pack); packs for heat/cold therapy; and personal care pillows and cushions. One example among many of the latter would be the TENS 3000, an electrotherapy device that sends electrical impulses through the skin of the user, but which entails no needles or perforations of any sort. Even better, these products also do not invade your wallet and can be purchased at the guaranteed lowest prices, like most of Discount Medical Supplies products (see terms of use). 


Our products not only help to alleviate physical pain, but can reduce mental distress as well. This is especially true for incontinence patients. It is well known that the involuntary loss of urine can lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations, and even to stress and depression. Discount Medical Supplies has many products that are intended to guarantee that an incontinent person’s bed and pants will remain as dry as possible for as long as possible. These products include underpads and mattress protectors; adult undergarments, briefs, and diapers; and bedwetting alarms.

If that weren’t enough, we also offer our customers information about pain and how to deal with it. You can find a wealth of articles on that subject in our website, as well as great variety of many other health related subjects. As you can see we take a holistic approach to pain and its management here at Discount Medical Supplies. Actually, we are the opposite of pain conditioning; every time you feel pain you will think of DMS in a very positive way.