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Many people might not know what a knee scooter, also known as the knee walker, is.  The first time I saw someone strolling around in one made me wonder what the device was used for.  We grow up thinking scooters are made for fun and racing, so seeing someone slowly stroll around in one is somewhat awkward at first especially when you realize the person is injured. Knee Scooters have revolutionized the use of crutches and wheelchairs. If you think of it, they are kind of the two put together in one single device.

Why do would you want to use a Knee Scooter?

For the most part the advantage of the knee scooter comes down to the type of injury that you have or your current physical condition.  Here’s a scenario where you may find that the device is ideal for your injuries or where another rehabilitation device may be better.

It depends completely on the type of injury you are suffering from and the status of your physical condition. Not everyone is able to kneel, push, and maneuver easily.  A knee scooter for example, becomes the perfect support and mobility aid for someone who was playing outdoors and hurt their ankle.  The accident however could also lead to an injured hand or shoulder as the person used their upper body to soften the fall. This scenario makes it a perfect one for the use of a knee scooter because the person will not be able to use crutches and a wheelchair can be an extreme and expensive option. 


Factors to consider when buying a Knee Scooter?

Foam Pad

This is where you will be resting your knee therefore, you need to make sure it is padded enough to bear the weight you will be applying on it. Memory foam will be a better solution if the scooter is used for long periods because it will relieve the pressure to the bones. Also, make sure the size of the pad fits you perfectly along with your leg size. Your knee needs to fit to perfection on the center of the pad.  Check how good the adjustment of the foam pad works.


Watch out for the weight of the knee scooter. Remember that the heavier it is the more difficult it will be for you to move around because you will need to generate more strength to move it. If you are constantly on the move, consider buying a lightweight scooter.  If you will mostly be at home and have the chance to rest more, the weight issue will not be a problem.

Does it turn easily?

If you are mostly using your knee scooter to get around outdoors it would be better if it does not turn to avoid any tip overs.  Also if you will mostly be doing shopping in long aisle stores a non turning scooter is better.


Make sure it has good breaks! You do not want to get hurt by having your scooter shooting out from under you leg and making you trip.

In this video you will be able to see how easily the Roscoe Medical Knee Scooter can be assembled.  If you are not the reading type and ignore the instruction manual, you might want to take a look at this video before you start assembling it to have a better idea and avoid any mishaps. 

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