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Looking for an economical and dependable over the counter drug store? Discount Medical Supplies has a wealth of medicine for cough, cold, the flu, eye care, pain and fever relief, and nausea, among others. And while there is no actual ‘counter’ to speak of, these are the same drugs that you can find at your local drugstore without a prescription, only with a better price. Why wait until you’re feeling under the weather to purchase OTC drugs? Wouldn’t it be a whole lot better if you kept your first aid cabinet fully stocked in the first place? After all, and as they say, prevention is the best medicine.

The go-to over the counter drug of choice is, almost by default, aspirin. As a matter of fact, many people follow a daily aspirin therapy to reduce their risk of suffering heart disease. The benefits and disadvantages of taking an aspirin are still being debated, and you should consult your doctor before you try it yourself, but the fact remains that aspirin is a household name. Here at DMS we have the Aspirin Chewable Tablet by McKesson, a low strength, orange-flavored pain relief chewable tablet for adult users that temporarily relieves minor aches and pains.

Another staple of a proper over the counter drug store is acetaminophen, also known as paracetamol. Acetaminophen relieves pain and reduces fever caused by headaches, muscle aches, arthritis, backaches, toothaches, colds, and fevers. It can also alleviate symptoms related to some of those conditions, such as sore throat, nasal congestion, coughing, and runny nose. On the other hand, acetaminophen should not be used if a fever worsens or lasts longer than three days, if pain becomes worse or lasts longer than ten days, if swelling or redness appear, or if there are new symptoms. Also, acetaminophen is not effective at decreasing inflammation. For that you need a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) like ibuprofen.

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Ibuprofen is used in the treatment of fever and pain caused by headache, toothache, arthritis, cold or flu, migraine, or menstrual cramps. This drug was actually the first NSAID to be approved for over the counter use, and it is still deemed the best tolerated such drug. Compared to the other two drugs we have mentioned, ibuprofen is at least as effective as aspirin, and more effective than acetaminophen.

As a responsible over the counter drug store, we would be remiss if we didn’t stress the fact that OTC medications have side effects, contraindications, and interactions, just like prescription drugs do. Therefore, make sure to read and follow the instruction labels and use these and other medications as directed. Moreover, do not hesitate to call a doctor if the common side effects of any of these drugs persist or become worse.