The #DiverseAlz Tweet Chat

The #DiverseAlz tweet chat is a conversation among twitter users that are experts or related to dementia in many ways that gets together every Thursday at 3pmET and is modulated by Diverse Alzheimer's. My recent experience on the #diversealz tweet chat has been as an active participant with my thoughts and comments in regards to the prolific variety of topics they bring to the table each week.

This past Thursday May 8th I was invited to host the topic for the week’s chat, based on my past articles related to living with diabetes and dealing with emotions focused to dementia patients. A topic that I discovered hasn’t had that much of attention since it is a strange combination but is commonly seen specially in older dementia patients who get diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. As you can imagine the conversation had various opinions and comments, even a regular participant Tommy Dunne (@TommyTommytee18) that lives with Alzheimer’s and type 2 diabetes provided first hand testimony on managing both conditions and leading a normal life.

Here are a few of his tweets:

Twitter chat

My questions were related to the emotional side of Diabetes and Dementia and basic tips on how to cope with Diabetes burnout, which by the way nobody knew about (now they do, great thing about awareness and tweetchats!) and basic lifestyle changes on a person with dementia diagnosed with diabetes or the other way around.

Nothing but insightful comments and views on the matter. There was also a gathering of rich information with links and references to specialized places on the web. Also, all participants agreed to extend this topic to another chat and hopefully get more people involved in participating, so you are all welcome to join the #diversealz tweet chat!

I’d like to thank Diverse Alzheimer's (@DiverseAlz) for honoring me with their offer and the great participants we had that day:

Sophie Dishman (@SophieSW14)

Romina Oliverio (@RominaOliverio)

Dr. Adam D. Kline (@DrADKline)

Martyn (@ZkidooKreativ)

Hilgos Foundation (@IRememberBetter)

Dennis Fortier (@BrainToday)

And of course the great Tommy Dunne (@TommyTommytee18)

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