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Whether you are seeking supplies for your spa or massage parlor or just browsing for your own personal use, shopping at massage therapy supplies stores might come as costly. Specialized retailers for these types of supplies will offer these types of products at expensive pricing. Considering how sustaining a successful business model works, providing high quality service demands for great tools to be available. Discount Medical Supplies understands that this is critical for you, and that adhering to this philosophy can be difficult if you are running on a budget. Even if you are interested on having these supplies for personal use at home, there is a great alternative to pricey shops and retailers.

Discount Medical Supplies, has a selection of massage equipment that is of high quality and high regard. The tools and supplies that we offer are the same that are offered by massage therapy supplies stores. Our catalogue contains the same tools, brands and supplies that you might find at other sites, but with one main difference. Discount medical Supplies offers the absolute lowest price available. Following our mission statement and company philosophy, we want to provide the best available product for unbeatable prices.

Also, we offer products in wholesale prices and in bulk quantities, therefore providing more cost effective service than the competition. Among the items that we carry, we offer massage lotions from the top brands, in larger quantities, so you can always have more at hand and not worry about running out any time soon. In our catalogue we also sell empty plastic, containers, bottles and dispensaries for more convenient application of the lotion during a massage. In our product selection, we also include electrical massage equipment. From personal self use devices to larger professional units. All of these devices, are top quality and at a click of button.

Furthermore, we also offer manual tools to maximize the massage experience. We have all sorts of manual tools to enhance the experience. From “Therapist’s thumb protectors”, to a large variety of massage balls and massagers. And if that wasn’t enough we also carry in our catalogue massage tables and massage beds, for you to choose from. We have stationary massage tables and chairs as portable ones for professionals who require to be moving from different locations tending to their customers.

Discount Medical Supplies has the infrastructure and experience and the know how to provide top of the line service, that surpasses other massage therapy supplies stores. We are your experts and can help you get what you need.

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