DMS: Your Discount Store For Diabetics

DMS diabetics store

When searching for a  discount store for diabetics, Discount Medical Supplies wants to be a source for you to rely on to get all the supplies you might need when living with diabetes. Being diagnosed with Diabetes, can and will alter your life entirely. Right after that very moment you will need to begin to prepare for it. But do not despair. Living with diabetes might take you a while to get accustomed to, but we got you covered. We offer a very large catalogue of Diabetic Supplies that can help you get on track and lead a carefree normal life.

If you analyze our selection of items, you will immediately get a sense that there is a very wide variety of diabetic supplies to choose from.  We have it all, from skin care products to lancets to glucose meters.

For starters, for a diabetic it is important to keep testing their blood level. Regular testing for everyone with diabetes is highly advised. Having knowledge of the blood glucose (sugar) levels allows for the patient to be aware of they need to make any adjustment to their diabetes management if they are not reaching their levels. There are different ways to test the blood glucose levels, but by far the most effective and reliable one is the traditional method. It involves pricking your finger to draw a small amount of blood with a small, sharp needle called a lancet. Then taking a small blood sample, not larger than a drop on a test strip and placing the strip on a meter that will tell you your levels. To save you a trip to the pharmacy every now and then, Discount Medical Supplies is your Discount Store for Diabetics, using DMS as your medical supplies provider, allows you to shop from home and have the products delivered straight to your door. 


We also carry in bulk insulin syringes, and Diabetic Organizers, for those people who need to keep a more rigorous control and hold your diabetic supplies, plus it comes with a freezable pack that will stay cold for 4 to 6 hours allowing you to hold up to four insulin bottles.

Finally, to illustrate how DMS carries everything you might need, we also carry regular everyday supplies that diabetics will need, for example we have a selection of diabetic socks and diabetic shoes. This way, you will be taken care of from head to toe.

For your consideration, we understand that as a diabetic, your whole shopping experience will be completely altered, and adjusting to this new life should be this difficult. Instead of dropping constantly hundreds of dollars on your trip to the pharmacy, you have a discount store for diabetics with Discount Medical Supplies. We understand what you are going through, as we are physician owned and operated, and appreciate you making us your choice.