The #DMSHealth Chat, Join the Conversation!

DMS health chat
In the spirit of creating awareness on all different types of chronic diseases, affections and occupational hazards our dear caregivers face each day, Discount Medical Supplies has created the #DMSHealth chat. A source of interactive information were not only caregivers can share valuable information but patients, family members, friends, specialists, etc... everybody is welcome to join in with their comments on the topic being discussed.

The #DMSHealth chat will be held every Wednesday at 3pmEST on Twitter and it is pretty easy to go into it. Just login to twitter with your own profile and on the small magnifying glass on the top right (you know... the search section) type in #DMSHealth and that will take you to a special page were everything related to that hashtag will appear. Just make sure that whenever you write your comment add the #DMSHealth hashtag so that everyone on the chat will be able to read it.

We hope to see you and your comments on our chat this Wednesday, your participation is highly appreciated and who knows... there's maybe someone in there who can answer your caregiving question or the other way around! In the end it is a space created to be joined as a community of people supporting all caregivers.