Do I have Anemia Symptoms?

Anemia can be a temporary condition caused by a vitamin deficiency or accident that causes you to bleed, but it can also stem from a chronic condition that causes the body to have limited abilities to produce red blood cells.

Your red blood cells are responsible for moving nutrients and oxygen to all areas of your body, so if there is an issue with this system it can cause widespread damage very quickly, making it essential to get treatment right away, according to

How Red Blood cells Affect the Body

The American Society of Hematology explains that the proper functioning of red blood cells is essential to maintaining overall bodily function.

•    Anemia can occur when there are not enough red blood cells in the body or if they are deformed so they are not functioning the way they should be.

•    Low levels of hemoglobin can also cause anemic conditions, though this can vary in children causing a temporary disturbance according to the American Society of Hematology. explains that some patients that have this condition will not have any symptoms, but a blood test can be used to confirm red blood cell levels.

Managing Your Condition

Understanding the warning signs of anemic conditions can help you to get medical assistance as you begin to experience symptoms.

•    Those with anemia often suffer from a deterioration of other tissues. Hair, Skin and Nails Formula by Edom can help to restore these tissues to a healthier level.

•    Douglas Laboratories Aminoblend can provide a high dose of essential amino acids that can allow your body to build tissues and red blood cells that are not developing properly.

•    Some conditions such as hemolytic anemia should have themselves tested with an hematocrit to determine if the blood cell count is where it should be. Medications with iron or vitamin B12 can then be administered to help bring this condition back to where it should be.

Those with this disease are also more susceptible to bone marrow issues or kidney failure, according to Understanding the symptoms of this condition is essential to adequately treating anemic bouts.

Some medications can cause anemia to develop. If you have been taking a medication that seems to have coincided with the beginning of your symptoms, talk to your doctor about whether or not you should continue with this course of treatment, says