Does Bio-freeze Help Arthritis? You bet!

Arthritis is known for being quite aggravating and causing severe damage to the joints that can make it difficult to use these portions of your body. There are medications and treatment techniques that can help minimize the pain associated with these conditions, but to date there is not a cure for arthritic damage.

Rheumatoid conditions are caused by autoimmune damage which can cause additional complications that will affect a wider portion of your body. If the symptoms of arthritic trouble begin to sink in it is important to have this investigated right away, to minimize potential damage to the rest of your body.

Notable Parts of this Condition

While there are several arthritic conditions this particular disease has several notable traits that can be used as an identifier.

•    This type of arthritic degeneration is caused by an autoimmune condition that causes the body to break down the tissue in the joints, causing inflammation and pain, according to

•    This illness is considered chronic, though it is possible for patients to experience without symptoms. notes that this condition can cause tenderness, stiffness and pain in the joints, but these symptoms do not necessarily note how far the condition has progressed. Mayo Clinic notes that this condition should be treated seriously regardless of its progression because if left to linger it can contribute to osteoporosis, heart problems, carpal tunnel syndrome or lung disease.

Managing Symptoms

Because there is no treatment for this condition, rheumatoid arthritis treatment focuses on managing uncomfortable symptoms for this condition.

•    Remaining comfortable while at rest is essential for arthritis sufferers. The Jackson Roll Style Support Cushion can help to keep your spine aligned while lying down to keep pressure off of essential points.

•    Biofreeze is the most popular pain relief cream out there.  Penetrating deep into the skin it is able to provide a long lasting pain relief and soothing feeling.  Perfect for backaches, joint problems, muscle soreness due contractions, arthritis and more.

•    In some cases wrapping sore joints can help to minimize discomfort. Invacare Soft Conforming Rolls can help to provide the cushioning you need to minimize symptoms.

The Mayo Clinic notes that eumathrhoid can also be effectively managed with natural elements such as fish or plant oils that help to lubricate the joints. Performing tai chi has also been found to be helpful in reducing stress on the joints to reduce pain. This is an ideal way to add exercise without performing activities that can lead to additional stress.

Any exercise or strenuous activities should be avoided if they aggravate your condition.