How does the TENS 7000 work?

The TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) 7000 unit is a small portable device that is used to help you alleviate pain on a safe, non-intrusive, drug-free fashion. What the TENS unit does, is provide electric impulses via small electrodes that you apply directly on the affected area, providing effective pain relief, without any side-effects.

The TENS 7000 unit is designed to disrupt the pain signals that travel to the Brain by giving the body an electric stimulation applied to the skin around the pain site. What this causes is it sends tiny electrical impulses that travel faster that the pain impulses along your spinal cord. When it receives the impulses coming from the electrodes, the brain can only process a limited amount of information so it will not be able to process the pain signals that are coming in at a much slower pace. Therefore blocking pain signals altogether. 
Now, it should be pointed out that the TENS Unit effectiveness as a viable pain relief system is still an issue that is being debated by specialists and physicians everywhere. This is mostly because its results can vary from person to person, even between people suffering from the same condition, so a TENS machine might not be exactly for everybody, but those who find comfort on using the machine find it most convenient as its soothing and largely without any side-effects or the potentially hazardous use of prescription painkiller medication. 

On the area affected by pain you place electrode pads around it, this way the impulses will travel through and across the area where the pain is being generated. The machine will begin transmitting the impulses and you will feel a normal slight tingle on the skin. After a few minutes, if the body is reacting positively to the impulses the pain will fade away. You may use this machine safely, should you require it. The pain will be under control and some much needed relief will be provided.
The TENS 7000 Unit is a portable way for you too received TENS therapy and still be able to lead your daily routine. It is small and practical, and if you are suffering from chronic pain it could provide long lasting relief when you need it the most. This machine is very simple to operate as it is designed to be manipulated by the patient directly. 

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