Effective Pain Management: Benefits of the CareTec II TENS/EMS

Pain management

Living with pain is not easy task; and effective pain management might even appear as somewhat as a utopian idea, but time and time again, we here at Discount Medical Supplies see people’s lives change dramatically. Those individuals who almost had given up and, sometimes as a last resort, sought for out-of-the-box assistance to help them deal with the pain. One of the most satisfactory things about being a part of the healing process. People with acute and chronic pain have found a viable solution in the CareTec II TENS/EMS.


The CareTec II combines the pain relief capabilities of TENS therapy with the innovative and rehabilitating features of the Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS). It features a dual channel setting, that enables for fully adjustable settings on both separate modes. The EMS aspect targets rehabilitation, muscle toning, increasing circulation on the applied area. It has fully adjustable pulse amplitude, width and rate. The TENS aspect of the machine  is designed with the innovative technology  that alleviates pain. It also provides a fully adjustable  pulse amplitude, with and rate. The unit itself has a very slick design and it is fully portable. It is easy to operate and set for what ever you might require.

What customer who have bought the CareTec II or the most posterior CareTec IV, have raved and praised how effective this machine is. While it is a common believe that combo units are not able to provide the same power than single TENS units to provide effective pain management, or adequate EMS performance. In some cases, for units of lesser quality that might be the case, but not for the CareTec II. This device is very powerful and really stands to the performance test to single TENS units and EMS units. Another factor that most customers praise about this unit is how easy it is to set, on either mode.

We should point out that, those users that are not that much technologically savvy, might need assistance at first on how to operate the unit properly. Not that it is difficult but at first it might be a bit overwhelming for some.

Overall the CareTec II is a great device that can really deliver on both fronts, its pricing is really comfortable and it has the added bonus of being a combo unit that has great and effective power.