How Effective is Roaccutane?

Roacutan is a medicine whose active substance is isotretinoin. For many years he has been the best ally of millions of people around the world to fight acne. A drug that doctors frequently prescribed to treat moderate and severe acne. Also to cope with the symptoms of late acne, which occurs in people during adulthood and is characterized by the presence of pimples on the face and in the perioral area.

There have been many celebrities who have defended the benefits and properties of Roacutan, noting that it is an excellent medicine to end the most resistant acne, which does not respond to the usual treatments.

It has been treated as a miracle drug for those suffering from acne. In addition to eliminating the grains effectively, it also ends the scars of this disorder. However, behind these benefits there are a number of side effects that are interesting to know and assess.

How does Roacutan work?

Roacutan is a very effective medicine to combat all types of acne, even the most severe. The drug significantly decreases the size of the sebaceous glands of the skin, while preventing pores from clogging. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties.

Regarding its effectiveness, Roacutan achieves the partial or total elimination of acne in more than 90% of patients who finish treatment. The dose of drug recommended by the doctor depends on various factors, such as the patient's weight and the degree of severity of the acne. In some cases it is decided to provide low doses for a long period of time to minimize the risk of side effects.

Roacutan side effects

Regarding the adverse effects of the medication, the most frequent are the following. On the one hand, dryness in both the skin and lips, which in some cases does not disappear even by drinking water. And, on the other hand, a great photosensitivity, increasing the risk of sunburn.

Severe dryness

It is precisely severe dryness that is the main symptom practically shared by 100% of patients who have followed a treatment with Roacutan. Some of them point out that this has caused them problems in their daily lives since simple rubbing with clothing marks and snores appear on the skin.

There are also those who feel severe dry eyes, thus increasing the risk of various eye disorders. Some experts point out that this type of medication causes a serious dry eye. Although it is not usual for it to become a chronic disease, in certain cases it can happen.

Roacutan problems

Since its inception, Roacutan has always been surrounded by mystery. The reason is that many patients have reported the side effects of the drug. There was a time when it was really believed that it increased suicidal thoughts, as well as the risk of depression.

Another of the great problems of Roacutan is the consumption of the medicine by pregnant women since it can cause serious defects in the fetus. That is why women who follow this treatment have to sign a commitment not to get pregnant until they end it.