Elderly medical supplies: Two Button Adult/Junior Walker

The Two Button Folding Universal Adult/Junior Walker is a great example of elderly medical supplies for those senior citizens who tend to ‘shrink’ with age – as well as for people who are naturally vertically-challenged.


·         Comes with 5-inch wheels.

·         Each side operates separately for easy movement through narrow spaces and improved stability while standing.

·         Push-button mechanism can be easily operated with fingers, palms or the side of the hand.

·         Side brace adjusts with height of walker to for added stability.

·         Sturdy 1" diameter anodized, extruded aluminum construction for maximum strength.

·         Two walkers in one.

·         Vinyl contoured hand grip provides extra comfort.

·         Height can be adjusted from 28" - 38".


This particular walker has a ‘junior’ size so users are able to adjust it to where height and hands are comfortable. Most of the others don't go lower than 32 inches. It’s amazing how light it is. At the same time it isn't flimsy. It gives stability for walking. Ideal piece of elderly medical supplies for people who have problems with losing balance and falling. And the price is great too.


 The side braces are adjustable in height which means they must telescope since the uprights are not parallel so they must grow as you lower them and shrink as you raise them. The locking mechanism is only on one end of each brace so the other end is free to slide up and down a bit. These two actions may lead to the walker ‘flexing,’ which may in turn lead to wobbliness and unsteadiness.



1.       Take out and unfold the Walker.

2.       Adjust all four extension legs or wheels to required height.

3.       Press the extension legs slightly inwards with your feet.

4.       Keep the two extension legs as parallel as possible. Slide the width-adjustable brace frame up and down using two hands from both ends with equal force at the same time.

5.       After adjustment, make sure brace frame is down and rest on the plastic tube end cover.

6.       To fold up the walker, reverse the above instructions from Step 3 back to Step 1.

Warnings and precautions

·         Be aware of electrical cords in way, liquids on floor, throw rugs, toys or debris, furniture, doors and door steps, and gaps in the floor.

·         Use wheels on front legs only or on all four legs with proper rear wheel brakes.

·         Do not push one side of the walker ahead and then other side without lifting the walker first.

·         Do not use the walker on stairs or escalators.


For any doubts and questions, read the entire instruction manual or ask your primary care provider.

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