Electrode Placement by Body Part

There are many types of electrodes, almost as many as ways to use them and areas of the body to place them. There are square electrodes, butterfly electrodes, cloth electrodes, foam electrodes; you name them (and Discount Medical Supplies has them). Almost anywhere there is pain you can attach a pair of electrodes connected to a TENS unit. Let’s say you’re feeling shoulder pain. You can put four electrodes on one shoulder, or two on each. The closer they get to the shoulder, the more you have to make sure the electrodes are not over the top of the bone, but placed on a soft and springy area. Target the muscles near the spine and over the top of the shoulder blade. 
What about neck pain? That’s covered too. Two electrodes on either side of the spine, and high on the neck, right under the skull, will provide you with relief for a sore neck. As for headaches and migraines, a couple of electrodes on the upper neck and another high on the shoulder next to the neck on the affected side are a good start towards stopping your head from aching. One more electrode on the temple of the afflicted side will be the cherry on top of that sundae. 

Why stop there, though? Arranging all four electrodes so that they form a square on your back will take care of that nagging back pain. Put the electrodes on or around the area that’s giving you problems, but make sure that they are not directly over the top of the spine. Once again, check for soft and springy spots the attached the electrodes to. If stomach pain’s the matter, put two electrodes on the affected side between the navel and nipple on the tummy side. Next, put another electrode at the bottom or under the shoulder blade and one more at the level of the bottom of the ribs on the back.
In the case of arm pain, affix two electrodes on either side of the back of the elbow, followed by a third electrode higher than the two first on the arm’s side, and a fourth one below the other three, also on the side of the arm. Please remember that these are only suggestions; talk to your personal doctor for more specific recommendations on electrode placement.    
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