Electrode Placement Guide

A well-known tenet of the real estate business is that the three things that matter most are ‘location, location, and location.’ That maxim can easily be applied to electrode placement. Just like the mediator between the brain and the hands must be the heart, the mediators between electrotherapy and the parts of your body that need relief are the electrodes. 
Electrodes need to be placed in a way that is both strategic and safe. For example, if you have a dual channel TENS device and want to relieve shoulder pain, you can attach four electrodes in one shoulder or two on each shoulder, depending on whether the pain only bothers you in one shoulder or in both. That would be strategic placement. If you have neck pain, the electrodes must be placed on either side of the spine, high on the neck and just under the skull. But you must never attach them to the front of the neck, for that would be dangerous. That´s what we mean when we speak of safe placement. 
Now, if you have a headache and/or migraine, you wouldn´t place the electrodes all on your forehead, as many individuals might be wont to do. In fact, only one electrode would be positioned on the temple of the affected side. Two more would go on the upper neck and another high on the shoulder next to the neck. 
As you see, proper distribution is not only a choice but also a requirement in some cases. Now that you know just how important electrode placement is, you can also see how you could use a little helping hand in some occasions. For instance, the back may be a hard place to reach by yourself, so rather than risking poor placement, you can ask someone to make sure that the electrodes are properly located.