Electrode Stimulation Device is Just Another Name for TENS

TENS is a specific and specialized form of electrode stimulation that is used to effectively treat pain. According to WebMD, this form of therapy utilizes low-voltage electrical currents to target the specific pain that a patient is experiencing. A special electrode stimulation device is used to deliver this special form of therapy, to treat a patient’s particular health care needs. 
Advantages of TENS Therapy
Compared to other pain management tools, an electrode stimulation device seems to offer better and safer results. 
Some of these benefits include: 
This type of therapy is safe and pain-free since it’s non-invasive. Instead of other painful methods, electrodes are placed directly on top of the area that’s associated with pain. In addition, this therapy is safe since it utilizes a slight electrical current to target the nerves that’s related to the pain.
  • Endorphins, or the body’s own natural version of pain killers, are elicited through this type of therapy. This helps to alleviate a patient’s pain.
  • This technology has been deemed to be safe enough for home use.
  • The current can be adjusted to suit a patient’s specific health care needs.
  • Types of TENS Devices
  • There are a variety of electrode devices to choose from. 

Some of these include:
The Power Muscle Stimulator is a combination of TENS and EMS technology. This product is small, portable and lightweight , yet is simple to use. A LCD screen shows all of the important information needed to effectively work this device. It is FDA cleared.
Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, Single Mode is great for patients who have tried various treatments in the past. Patients can adjust both the pulse and frequency to effectively treat pain. The pulse can reach up to 250 and the frequency up to 150.
Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, 3 Mode with Timer is an electrode stimulation device that alleviates pain for a wide range of conditions including headaches, back pain, sports injuries and much more. The pulse width and frequency are adjustable to effectively treat a person’s pain.
An electrode stimulation device can treat many types of pain comfortably, effectively and safely. There are relatively no side effects, yet the pain is treated at the cellular level. A patient’s health care needs are carefully met with this form of electrode therapy.

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