Why use Electrode and Ultrasound Gel?

Ultrasound gel

Why use that gooey looking and messy gel, why do practitioners use it for ultrasounds and electrode placement? Why use electrode and ultrasound gel? The answer is pretty simple and there is a factual foundation behind it.

The low electrical pulses from the electrode or the ultrasound waves don’t travel easy through air, so any air between the electrode or ultrasound device will create a problem and result in an unsuccessful transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation or ultrasound therapy. Also, dry skin tends to have tiny pockets of air on it.

The solution? Gel. But not just any gel a special gel that will not evaporate easily and that will stay consistent during the electrode or ultrasound therapy.

In this case, at Discount Medical Supplies, one of the top seller gels is the Electrode Ultrasound Gel 5 Liter Bag with 8oz Dispenser bottle thought for those recurrent users and clinics to keep their stock supplied with this much needed liquid at a low cost.

This special type of gel features a wide range of applications since it is a notable conductive substance for a correct ultrasound transmission and electrode related treatments. Its viscosity is set to be medium to high which maximizes the conductivity and will not dry while still in use on the user’s skin.

Another good thing to note is that it is a washable gel, because it is water soluble it will wash pretty easy and not leave a stain behind. Also another positive fact of this gel is that it was created for all types f skins with an hypoallergenic feature that does not irritate the skin.

Its large container holds the gel secure after being opened and has an 8 oz application bottle that is user friendly. Why use electrode and ultrasound gel? There is no better option in the market that will help you have a more successful ultrasound or electrode therapy. Head over to the Rehab and pain management section and under the TENS/EMS/Electrotherapy option you will find the skin prep box.

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