Electrotherapy Machines for Physical Therapy

Physical therapy can be intense and strenuous. In fact, it can sometimes be as difficult and painful as the ailment afflicting the patient. However, physical therapy electrotherapy is much milder and more comfortable for the patient. It is completely non-invasive, yet highly effective, boasting immediate results. All of a patient’s healthcare needs can be met through electrotherapy, as a form of physical therapy. 
Benefits of Electrotherapy
According to spine-health.com, physical therapy electrotherapy can be highly effective and safely serve the healthcare needs of patients. 
Some of the top benefits of this type of therapy include:
This therapy is non-invasive since it uses electrodes.
This therapy is pain-free and there’s no downtime associated with the procedure.
An electric current stimulates both the muscles and nerves to provide the most effective pain relief possible. 
Tightness felt in muscles is reduced.
There’s an increase in blood flow or circulation in the painful area. 
With this therapy, muscles and nerves are able to function better which increases their strength and range of motion.
Swelling is reduced greatly with this therapy, which in turn reduces the prevalence of spasms.
Unlike other types of physical therapy, this type can have immediate and long-lasting results. 

Types of Electrotherapy Physical Therapy Devices
Physical therapy electrotherapy can be performed in the comfort of a patient’s home with the right device. 
A few of these devices include:
TENS is easily adjusted and delivers varying therapy options, through two different wave forms. In addition, all of the pertinent information is displayed on a large LCD screen that is easy to read and understand.
TENS 3000, 3-mode with Timer Tens Unit is safe, effective and non-invasive. This machine is simple to use and understand since it is based on an analog-based operating system. This unit utilizes exact dial performance.
TENS Unit, Dual Channel, Single Mode is great for a variety of conditions--- including, general muscle pain, back pain and sports-related injuries. This versatile device is simple to use and allows the patient to adjust both the frequency and pulse width.
Physical therapy no longer has to be a chore of difficult and sometimes impossible exercises and routines. It can be much simpler and pleasant with the utilization of physical therapy electrotherapy. This form of therapy is highly effective and gentle. A patient’s healthcare needs can be addressed with this form of therapy either in a professional setting or at home. 

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