Electrotherapy Treatment for Tennis Elbow

According to the Mayo Clinic, tennis elbow is an affliction of the elbow’s tendons. It is caused by the tendons that are overused and overworked, due to repetitive motions of the wrists and arms. Contrary to what many believe, tennis elbow usually occurs in people who don’t play tennis. 
Since the condition can be very painful, there are many treatments available. One of the best and most effective treatments is electrotherapy treatment. This method can be suited for a variety of health care needs. 
How Electrotherapy Treatment Works?
Electrotherapy treatment is surprisingly simple to use and can even be done in a patient’s home. 
According to ehow.com, some of the key components of therapy are:
Electrodes are placed on the elbow where the pain originates.
A light electrical current is sent through the electrodes to target the nerves that are causing the pain.
The amount of current can be adjusted depending on a patient’s health care needs. 
The treatment works by reducing swelling and increasing the circulation of blood in the affected area.
Electrotherapy treatment can allow the brain to reduce the feel-good chemicals, endorphins, which is the body’s own naturally-occurring pain killers.
Electrotherapy Treatment Devices
There is a large variety of electrotherapy devices to treat tennis elbow along with a wide range of other ailments. 
A few of these devices include:
Tens 2800, TENS Unit Model 2800 is extremely easy to use. It is able to deliver an exact dial performance; to effectively adjust and control the current being delivered. Safety is a top priority which is why the device includes special caps to prevent the patient from being accidentally jolted.
Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, Single Mode is diverse in treating a large variety of painful conditions. Both the frequency and pulse width can be adjusted according to the patient’s specific needs. In addition, this device is extremely easy to use.
Deluxe TENS Unit, Dual Channel, 3 Mode with Timer features a pulse width that ranges from 60-250 and a pulse frequency with a range of 2-150. The unit comes with a carrying case, a 9-volt battery and lead wires.
Electrotherapy treatment is one of the best treatments when it comes to tennis elbow. This treatment is quick, non-invasive, highly-effective and there are no harmful side effects. Tennis elbow, along with a host of other health care needs, can be effectively treated through a specialized electrotherapy device. 

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