Can Exercise help with Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are a very personal condition, which can make them difficult to manage accurately at first. It may be necessary to develop a treatment plan over time according to

Anxious behaviors can be triggered by a specific stimulus or cause a general heightened and uneasy feeling that you cannot shake, in spite of the fact that there is nothing present that should cause fear. Most treatment for this condition is psychological, but some medical treatments can help to reduce symptoms.

Types of Anxious Behaviors

WebMD defines several types of anxious behaviors that can affect a patient.

•    Social anxious phobias cause people to become excessively self-conscious.

•    Obsessive compulsive disorder makes it necessary to perform certain rituals to relieve anxiousness.

•    Panic disorders can cause sudden panic attacks which can mimic heart attack symptoms.

•    Phobias cause anxious behavior when presented with a specific stimulus.

Generalized anxiety disorders refer to a generalized and excessive feeling of tension or worry in spite of the fact that there is nothing present that would warrant such a reaction. This may accompany other mental disorders or types of anxious behaviors as well, notes WebMD.

Alternative Medicine and Generalized Treatment

Anxiety disorders can often be managed with lifestyle changes, in addition to working with your doctor for traditional treatment.

•    Bike, swim, run.  Get on the move.  Cardiovascular exercise will help you deal with anxiety effectively.  Purchasing Fitness Equipment for the home is a great idea to have your own personal gym and workout anytime you are feeling anxious.

•    Regular exercise and staying active can help to keep bouts of anxiety at bay. Fabrication Enterprises, Cando Fabrication Exercise Disk can help to activate muscle groups while you are working to encourage this behavior.

•    Wearing Hygenic Corp TherapBrand Comfort Fit ankle and wrist weight sets can also allow you to get more exercise while out and about which can encourage healthy blood flow and minimize the symptoms of anxiety.

The National Institute of Mental Health notes that there are around 40 million adults in the United States that are affected by these types of conditions. This can make it difficult to make a specific diagnosis, but working with a counselor over time can make it easier to understand your personal symptom set.

NIH notes that there are many medications that can be prescribed to limit anxious behavior or reduce symptoms once they have started, but these can be habit forming so it is essential to work with your doctor when using these prescriptions.