Exercising raises the survival rate of breast cancer patients

breast cancer patientsPhysical exercise brings numerous benefits to the patients with breast cancer, such as the increase of the survival, reduction of the risk of relapse and weight control. Performing physical exercise a minimum of three times per week and maintaining a balanced diet helps reduce all kinds of risks in patients with cancer. This according to a recent report released by the Clara Campal Integral Oncological Center of Spain. Laura Garcia, one of their head physicians recently addressed the press in order to draw attention to the importance of maintaining a healthy daily routine for patients of this condition.

Garcia has pointed out that "physical exercise stimulates and boosts the immune system, reducing inflammation and boosting the cardiovascular system. From that point of view, and related to many factors, such as the release of endorphins, physical activity produces a sensation of well-being". It also helps to avoid becoming overweight, which promotes health in general. Excess weight generates estrogens, hormones that can serve the tumor in some cases. Physical exercise allows you to keep in the ideal body weight.

Currently Dr. Garcia and her colleagues are working on a study on the effects of physical exercise and its relation to the treatment of breast cancer on women of different ages. They are seeking to establish the true effect of physical exercise in certain metabolic pathways during the time that women receive treatment with chemotherapy. So far, early results of that study have shown that the benefits of having an active lifestyle are very positive.

It is advisable for the patient to engage in activities that they enjoy, jogging, walking, etc. Obviously the activities that the patient decides to partake in need to be in accordance to their limits. It is important that the patent is able to do physical activities that are not too demanding but that also provide the many benefits of a good exercise routine.

The exercise routine must be combined with a balanced diet and Garcia has refuted the myth that there are foods that favor the emergence of breast cancer. However she did emphasize that having this illness does create the requirement to have a good balanced diet to provide the body with the proper strength to fight the disease. Cancer is a tough illness and a challenging one, providing the body with the necessary tools helps increase the survival rate of patients with this condition. Not only that it provides hope when it is needed the most.

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