Fact or Fiction: Kinesiology taping against bruising & hematomas


It is fairly common to disregard Kinesio Tape as a simple fashion statement amongst professional athletes; let’s face it, they do make it look pretty cool (Exhibits A, B and C). But in all seriousness, Kinesio tape works. That flashy and attention-grabbing tape is actually a helpful tool to promote muscle rehabilitation and to promote a better circulation on the injured muscles. We at Discount Medical Supplies wanted to delve in further and explore for other benefits Kinesio Tape could have for athletes.

Since this new technique is still fairly new to all of us, many of its benefits are still being discovered constantly. Most recently there has been reports floating around on all over the internet and on sports medicine sites that Kinesio tape might be a good aid to help treat bruises and hematomas. Of course, like in any discussion there are two sides of the fence those who sustain that Kinesio tape does work and those who are skeptics to the benefits of the tape. Who’s right? Well, according to a steadily growing amount of reports coming from all over the world, Kinesio tape might be even more surprising than we initially thought it to be.


In sports, especially those who have more contact than others, it is fairly normal to get contusions on the body muscles, especially the legs and arms. Hematomas are common lesions and injuries on the quadriceps region. Swelling and bruising after a nasty bump to the lateral part of the leg (for example), can leave a black and blue mark on the swelled muscle, causing for a lot of pain to be felt by the patient.

For hematomas where there isn’t any internal bleeding (these require a more serious medical treatment), you can apply the Kinesio tape directly over the skin where the pain is being felt and across where the hematoma is. Those Osteopaths and kinesiologists who have successfully treated hematomas on their patients have recommended have reported that in order to successfully treat it they must leave the tapes on for at least 4 to 5 days. The tape, is strong enough to endure showers and, have ice applied directly on the bruise, if the lesion should require ice or cold pack to be applied to reduce the swelling. 

The results speak for themselves. After just five days of having the tape in place, notorious improvements are evident for patients with hematomas and serious bruises. The Kinesio tape not only does clear the back and blue, but it also reduces the pain of the injury, speeding the natural healing process.

Like we stated above, the many benefits of Kinesio tape are just being noted and discovered. The potential for what it can do, is still uncharted, but the proof is in the pudding. Kinesio tape has been vindicated as a viable, non-medication, safe way to treat lesions, hematomas and swelling… while looking really cool ( exhibits D and E).

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