Facts about Humor, Laughter and Health

laughhealthYou have heard it time and time again I’m sure.  Humor, laughter and health have a strong correlation between the three. Here are some of the facts that prove this relationship to be true. Hopefully you will look for more fun and laughter when you done reading this article.

·         The best biological reaction that your body can bless you with is laughter.

·         Did you know that on average, a child laughs and smiles 300 times a day vs. an adult who will only do it around 17 times? 

·         Between the ages of 18 and 34 adults tend to laugh the most. After that, laughter is minimized.

·         Laughter comes around easier when sharing time with family, friends or large groups.

·         Healthcare centers from around the globe have reported that patients heal faster, require less anesthesia, less hospital time, and less invasive operations when the atmosphere is based on humor and laughter.

·         No matter our culture, laughter is the same across continents. Laughter can help us bond with others despite our differences.

·         If you laugh for 10 min you will burn as many calories as if you had worked out for 30 minutes.

·         Laughing is infectious. A great tool to make people around you happy.

Health and Laughter

·         For many people quality of life is equal to humor. Having a sense of humor gives you the potential to find delight and positivity even in hard times.

·         Having good laughs on a daily basis helps you control high blood pressure.

·         When you laugh you suppress four hormones that promote stress in your body: epinephrine, cortisol, dopamine, and growth hormone

·         Laughing will help you fight viruses! It strengthens your antibodies.

·         Laughing will relax your muscles.

·         Pain Relief is one of the many benefits of laughter. It will help you “forget” pains related to aches, arthritis and more.

·         The more you laugh the more you learn. It’s true! Laughing will stimulate both sides of the brain. Plus as it helps with muscle relaxation and stress, the brain will be more alert.

·         Cleaning out your lungs is another benefit of laughter. When you laugh, you are able to empty your lungs more. This is very similar to deep breathing during yoga or meditation. This results in more oxygenation throughout the body.

·         Laugh yourself away from heart attacks. A study showed those who suffered from heart disease are 40% less likely to laugh or be happy compared to people of the same age without heart condition.

·         Did you know there is actually a type of Yoga called “Laughter Yoga”?

Now believe it or not these are only a few of the interesting facts and benefits of laughing.  There are many other good things that having a good laugh every day will bring to you. Lay off the bad mood, laugh at yourself and see your life changing right before your eyes.

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