Farewell to sore muscles and spasms

Taking care of your body to ensure an adequate function and recovery is much more common nowadays. As the fitness industry has marketed itself into the minds of people as either a trend or for real health reasons, solutions to look better and feel better keep surfacing.  It is very important to sleep enough and get the rest you need. It is also crucial to give yourself an optimal nutrition with the necessary diets. Sometimes we tend to forget just how necessary the well being of our muscles is just because we feel good, however this factor is not less important than others.

Giving your muscles a deep tissue work is one of the most beneficial practices you can perform on your body. There are many affordable products such as foam rollers which will assist in the process of Self-Myofacial Release or this deep tissue work we were just talking about.  Rolling out the different muscle groups (quads, triceps, hamstrings, and calves) allows the muscle tissue to return to their original state. This will result in a better and improved range of motion and performance.

When using these foam rollers you must keep in mind that you are doing it accordingly.  Each position must be maintained for 1 to 2 minutes when there is no pain and 30-45 seconds so your tendons can be stimulated and therefore liberate the tension.  Also, make sure you do not roll over the pain for a long period of time because the tightness will increase.

The Cando Jumbo Round Foam Roller for example is ideally used to implement a better position of the body and a good balance.  It can also be used to re-educate muscles, stabilize the spine and the overall posture of the body, enhance coordination and even strengthening.  Using foam rollers will give you a progressive exercise progression depending on the diameter of the roller.

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