Feeling a bit under the weather? #STUFF to fight the flu

Feeling a bit under the weather? Or maybe not a bit, but a lot? If you or someone you know are experiencing symptoms such as coughing, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, headaches or general body discomfort, chills, extreme fatigue and fever of 100°F or higher, then it is very likely that the Flu is taking the best of you. To alleviate those symptoms, Discount Medical Supplies has a wide variety of products and supplies in our Cough, Cold and Flu category that will get you feeling better in no time. 
On our #STUFF for stop the Flu video you will see products such as an Ultrasonic Humidifier, Cold Multi Symptom Tablets, Chest Vaporub and Ibuprofen, however, there are many other products that we carry in our catalog you will find useful for those moments where the Flu is keeping you from going to work or school.  
Oh, make sure you never forget other remedies that we don’t have in our catalog such as resting, chicken noodle soup, drinking plenty of water, enough tissues, fluffy blankets, and most of all STAYING HOME to avoid infecting others.