First Aid response: How to treat a broken nose

broken noseLast Monday night, WWE Raw was playing as it normally does; the main event of the evening featured The evil WWE Champion Seth Rollins facing the beloved WWE United States Champ John Cena. Midway into the match Rollins delivered a knee to Cena’s face resulting in what was later revealed a broken nose. Now, we all know that wrestling is scripted and make believe but that broken nose wasn’t fake at all. The match was interrupted as a member of the medical staff got in the ring to examine Cena, something quite uncommon in the world of professional wrestling. However it must be pointed out that it was the correct way to proceed in the event of such an injury occurring.

Since this happened on Monday, it is a great opportunity to take a moment and review what are the proper ways to care for a broken nose. It can happen to any of us, at any point. Accidents can happen anytime, and when they do it is best to be prepared and know what to do in such cases.

There is some very important information that we must cover first. When someone gets hit in the nose  and any of the following occur, that them immediately to a healthcare provider:

1-Bleeding doesn’t stop

2-The nostril is crooked or out of place

3-If the patient can’t breathe at all through the nose.

When someone takes a hit to the face and in the nose, the first thing that you must do is to verify if the person has trouble breathing. Some nose fractures will be very evident and your will be able to know that is broken just by plain sight, but this type of injuries can happen and not be as evident as one might suspect.

The patient must rest and keep their head elevated, the nose is an area that tends to bleed easily so do not be alarm by the presence of blood. You may control the bleeding with gauze, and it is very important that the patient does not blows his or her nose, unitl a doctor has examined the injury.

A patient can take acetaminophen to help them deal with the pain, it is recommended that you avoid providing them with aspirin or ibuprofen. Also you can apply Ice or an Ice pack to mitigate the pain and stop the swelling.

In some cases after experiencing a broken nose they can be in shock for twenty minutes, it is important to help them to regain their calm, also some people can experience nauseas and vomit due to the pain and the effects of the impact, this is normal and it doesn’t necessarily mean that their injury is serious or critical.

One the patient is stabilized you may take them to an emergency room or a doctor. If the nose is crooked because of the fracture, the doctor will put it back in place and check for any further injuries on the facial area. If there is a fracture and the nostril is not crooked, the injury will heal with home treatment and rest.

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