Five Foot Massage Pressure Points

Foot massages shouldn’t be performed willy-nilly. First you have to get all your ducks in a row, or in this case, you pressure points. Following are 5 foot massage pressure points and how to trigger their relaxing and soothing properties. 
The Ankle. The ankle is as good as any a place to start a foot massage. You can relieve stress by finding the point that is two fingers below the bone sticking out of the ankle on the inside of the foot, and pressuring it inwardly, though not too hard.
The Instep. You can find this foot massage pressure point by putting a finger between the big toe and the following toe, and tracing a line up the foot and between the toe bones, stopping when the bones connect. There, push down with a single finger to relieve anger and frustration, and improve liver function. 

The Big Toe. That or His Toeness, Toesie, or el Toerino, if, you know, you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Whatever you call it, just find the lower inside corner of its nail. That is, the lower right side corner on the right foot, and the lower left side corner on the left. Slow and gentle pressure should be applied downward with a finger. This can be painful for people with toenail issues, but it can also make you feel better about yourself, so just be careful. The Toe abides.
The Fourth Toe. This is pretty much the same spot as above, only on the fourth toe counting outward from the big one. Carefully apply downward pressure with a finger. If you do this your mind will clear and your gall bladder will benefit as well. Or so it is said.
The Sole. Put lotion or Bon Vital Foot Balm (made with Austrian dwarf pine oil, horse chestnut extract, menthol, farnesol and aloe vera) on your hands and rub the bottom of your foot, sliding your fingers along the sole muscles. Push the point in the ball of the foot right beneath the space between the big toe and the following toe. Massaging the sole’s pressure points lets off steam and envelops you in a tide of euphoria.
You can use this foot massage pressure points guide to give yourself, or someone else, a five star massage that will be remembered for days and weeks to come.