Five little known causes for back pain

five back painLow back pain and lumbago, is the main cause of absenteeism from work in the world, beating the flu, colds and other common health issues. This overwhelming data is joined by the alarming forecasts of World Health Organization. According to this agency, the condition will prevail between 23% and 38% of the cases at a global level. The fundamental reason is that neither this nor the dorsal back pain, the discomfort in the upper section, are diagnosed as a disease as such, with symptoms and a curative or palliative treatment in particular. All sorts of circumstances can cause back pain and many of them can be simple everyday factors. We have gathered five little know factors that are a threat to your spinal health.

  1. Having a fat wallet might be a sign of wealth, but it could do a lot of damage to your lower back. Back pain can often be caused by the habit of carrying a wallet, well filled with documents, one of the back pockets of the trousers. Since this is a daily weight, we can reach to unbalance the column, pinching the sciatic nerve.
  2. The abuse of the mobile phone threatens to create an epidemic of cervical lesions in the new generations. The unnatural position to look down to write on the keyboard of the smartphone is equivalent to carry on our shoulders the weight of an eight year-old child.
  3. People who have a tendency to travel a lot will proably find themselves carrying heavy luggage. In order to make it simpler for them to carry around, many bags have been designed with convenient roller. However this type of luggage is also a cause for back injuries. In this case, all of the weight has been moved to just one side of our backs, what we can cause injury and muscle spasms. To raise and lower the backpacks and suitcases with wheels by stairs we make an extra effort that we can bring about pain and inflammation. To avoid injury of this nature it is recommended that you distribute the weight of the material in backpacks with padded bands and, in the case of the wheels, not drag them for a long time.
  4. Looking cool while cruisin’, not so much. Keeping a postural balance is very important. When we drive we must both hands grabbing the the wheel, but not only as a precautionary measure, but to avoid the so-called "supraspinatus tendinitis".  Behind this medical terminology hides an inflammation of the shoulder by forced movements repeated. Avoid resting your arm on the open window of the car.
  5. Sex is one of the common causes of back pain. However it does happens that when an injury occurs we might be in the act we might no identify it with the low back pain or other type of pain. If you have a know tendency to experience back pain, it is advisable that you take measures of precautions in moments of intimacy.

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