Forgiveness: Alternate solution for a healthy lifestyle.

 It is amazing how hard it can be for people to forgive someone who has hurt them.  We have all been there though. We have all been robbed of our trust and unfortunately sometimes by the same person.  Sometimes we decide that until the person who hurt us apologizes, then we can start the forgiving process, but until that moment comes we decide to stay in angry, cold, quiet mode. Do you have any idea how terrible of a cycle this is?

When you are angry, your body undergoes intense stress that triggers negative effects on your physical health.  All the stress chemicals you release when you get mad about a situation or at a person will give you short and even long term conditions such as:

·         strong headaches

·         digestive problems

·         sleep disorders

·         depression and anxiety

·         high blood pressure , heart problems, stroke

·         eczema or other skin conditions

When you are disappointed by someone, you are subjected to a heavy burden. When on top of that burden you pile up anger and stress, you turn yourself into a human time bomb ready to go off in form of any of the conditions mentioned above. A forgiving attitude toward the person who hurt you will put you on a healthy positive path. Why would you doubt walking down that way?

Forgive for a Healthy Beating Heart

Research has proven that practicing forgiveness will lower your blood pressure not only in the wrong-doer but in the one who forgives.

"This study provides the first evidence we are aware of suggesting that receiving forgiveness also predicts positive physiological functioning: Perpetrators who received more conciliatory behavior (as reported by victims) had lower blood pressure than did perpetrators who received less," researchers wrote in the study.

Another positive effect that forgiveness has on the body falls on the immune system. Taking the testing to the next level, research showed that people suffering from HIV, and that practiced real and truthful forgiveness, had a much higher CD4 cell percentage. These results are extremely good considering their immune system status.

Build Up a Wall Around Long-Term Stress

Having the will to forgive someone is a beautiful trait. It makes you humble person and a better human being, and while you are at it, you are guarding yourself from long term stress.  Holding on to a grudge will weaken your relationships. When there is lack of forgiveness, families are torn apart. All of these issues trigger a huge amount of stress not only in the person who holds the grudge but also to those around him. This stress will ultimately be felt through chronic pain, sleep disorders, depression, digestive conditions and more. When you forgive someone, you strengthen your positive mental and even your physical health. You give yourself wellness from the inside out.  It works like medication, real medication. It is free of cost and the benefits come immediately into your life.  

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