Free hospital supplies and equipment

Free hospital supplies

Hospital supplies and equipment for nothing? Sounds too good to be true and it actually is. However, if you’re looking for supplies and equipment for almost next to nothing, then you have come to the right place. Thanks to our price match guarantee, if you find a better price at another website DMS will meet or beat that price on receiving proof that the price has been valid for more than 30 days. Simply provide a written confirmation or a link to the suggested price so as to refer our customer service staff to the suggested price URL and make any necessary changes to your order price.

Having mentioned that, what do we have to offer in the way of hospital supplies? Pretty much anything and everything you can find in a hospital, clinic, or medical facility short of an MRI machine. And that includes items used by doctors, nurses, and even patients.

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  • Stethoscopes. What would a doctor be without a trusty stethoscope hanging from their neck or sticking out of a pocket? As practical and useful as these items are, they are almost a like a badge (you’d never hear a doctor say ‘we don’t need no stinkin’ stethoscopes’). Would you ever trust a doctor without a stethoscope? How could you even tell if they are a doctor?
  • Exam gloves. You can find many types of exam gloves here (including nitrile, latex, powdered and unpowdered, textured, ambidextrous, and more), and all of them are able to provide protection for both practitioner and patient without sacrificing grip and dexterity. It could be said that these exam gloves are like a second skin, or even like wearing nothing at all.
  • Syringes. Nobody likes a needle, but everyone loves a syringe, right? You can find syringes with and without needles here, and you know that even if nurses have to -or like to- gives us a prick every now and then, they do it because they love us -and we love them right back. Moreover, there are all kinds of syringes. For instance, some are used to administer oral medication, while others are used for irrigation purposes.
  • Dressing and bandages. Doctors and nurses have to patch up patients, usually in the emergency room. Later on wound care may become the patient’s responsibility at home, but dressing and bandages are first and foremost hospital supplies and equipment. All the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together, but that was then, and now it’s like Robocop said: ‘They’ll fix you. They fix everything.’ 
  • Wheelchairs. Like dressings, wheelchairs are so commonplace that they are one of the reasons there are handicapped parking spaces. However, though patients usually arrive at the hospital in an ambulance, they more often than not leave it in a wheelchair, which makes this product a fixture at hospitals (and not for races or balance tests, as TV would have you believe).
  • Reflex hammers. They may not be Mjölnir, but reflex hammers also have cool names like Tomahawk, Trömner, Ninja, and Babinski. Well, not Babinski.
  • Gowns. A little something for patients who want to be comfortable and leave something to the imagination.
  • Canes. If you would like to have a Dr. House kinda thing going on.

There is much more hospital equipment available at Discount Medical Supplies, like thermometers, probes, X-rays supplies, to name a few, so don’t hesitate to drop by.

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