The Freedom Blue Walker: The Best in Bariatric Walkers?

freedom blue walker

Bariatric patients and people searching for the best in Bariatric Walkers, often find themselves considering the Freedom Blue Deluxe Aluminum Folding Walker. This walker can be regarded as one of, if not the best walker for Bariatric patients. To further verify if this walker lives up to the hype and to the growing interest in our customers we decided to test it and provide you with our impressions of this walker. Also, we gathered and read through some of the feedback provided by customers who did in fact purchase this walker and talk to them about their experience.

Product Features

This walker features a two-button release for easy folding, compact storage and lateral access. Three panel pocket system includes two 12” x 10” nylon cargo pouches with secure hook and loop closures for convenient storage and one front panel with photo/identification holders. Model handgrips for a comfortable grip. Slip-resistant rubber tips. Constructed of strong, lightweight 1” anodized aluminum tubing. Adjustable height for maximum comfort. Weight capacity 300lbs . One of the better looking, resistant among our catalogue of Bariatric Walkers.

What Customers Like About This Product

In our test run we were fairly impressed by the stability of this walker, yet we were also happy on how nice of a feel this product has when handling it. It is easy to adjust and to fold for storage; its mechanisms are very simple and not at all complicated for all types of users and caregivers.  Customers who purchased this item, praised the capabilities this item has in as far as resistance goes. Their handgrips are very comfortable, and the walker it self is virtually light weight, making it even easier to handle and operate. Some customers were as far as to call it the best in Bariatric Walkers.

What Customers Don’t Like About This Product

We were not able to find many complaints regarding this walker, or an overall noticeable trend of concerns regarding this walker. One thing that must be addressed though is that for Bariatric patients, it is important for you to follow doctor’s instructions. Consult with your physician if a walker is what you need and if you are in capability of moving around.


The Freedom Blue Walker is a great and useful walker, among other Bariatric Walkers it definitely ranks amongst the better ones out there. It is a safe buy, we highly recommend it.

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