Genutrain kept a-rolling: Knee braces for running


When using Genutrain knee braces for running or walking, the muscle contractions result in pressure rising and falling, an effect that resembles an intermittent compression massage. This in turn gets the metabolism going and aids in reducing swelling and healing hematomas. Moreover, soft tissue receptors in the knee and skin are stimulated and the surrounding muscles are activated, creating long-lasting joint stability.

There are four Genutrain knee braces available at Discount Medical Supplies



·         Genutrain

The original model was launched in 1981 and has undergone multiple upgrades and improvements ever since. It alleviates pain, stabilizes the joint, and helps regain mobility more quickly. It is indicated for irritation, joint effusions, instability, strains and sprains, pre- and post-surgical swelling and inflammation, adolescent knee pain, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, and osteoarthritis.





·         Genutrain P3

P3 means Permanent Patella Protection because it protects the kneecap during all movements. It has been designed with a double pad system; a ring-shaped pad that prevents drifting, and a second wedge-shaped pad that relieves pressure and pain. This brace stabilizes the patella, activates muscles, and supplies intermittent compression, and as a result it speeds up the healing process and the reabsorption of edema and effusions. Indicated for femoropatellar pain syndrome, patellar lateralization, after lateral release surgery, osteoarthritis, patellar sublaxation or instability, Osgood-Schlatter’s disease after lateral release surgery, and anterior knee pain.




·         Genutrain S

Includes a ring-shaped, viscoelastic pressure pad around the kneecap and lateral joint bars that direct that movements of the knee. It offers an intermittent compressive massage, activates muscles, promotes circulation, accelerates edema and effusion reabsorption, improves muscular control, stimulates healing, relieves pain, stabilizes the joint, and increases comfort. Indicated for slight instability, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and medial and lateral ligament injury.




·         Genutrain S Pro

Anatomically contoured lateral joint splints with adjustable hinges and two inelastic straps on the upper and lower leg protect the knee joint during motion. The hinges can be adjusted to restrict range-of-movement; limit the knee’s flexion angle to 30, 60, or 90 degrees; and prevent the knee from fully stretching. This product stabilizes the joint, activates musculature, provides support, and relieves the collateral ligaments. Indicated for mild to moderate instability, osteoarthritis, primary chronic polyarthritis, and meniscus injuries.


These are other features if Genutrain knee braces for running:

·         Lightweight, comfortable support.

·         Ideal for sports and daily activities.

·         Precise fit.

·         Conformability.

·         Breathable fabric.

·         Machine-washable.

·         Durable.