How to Give Your Partner a Foot Massage

Giving your wife or girlfriend a foot massage can mean a lot. In fact, each and every foot massage you give her means something. You may act like they don’t, but they do, and that’s what so cool about them. There is a sensuous thing going on where you don’t talk about it, but you know it, and she knows it. Of course, you have to have your technique down and everything, so you won’t be tickling her or anything like that. Make sure to keep the following steps in mind for your next foot massage session. 
You can start by fixing her a Thai footbath. Cut a lime in two and place it in a bowl filled with warm water. While she rests her feet on the limey water, you can scrub the bottoms with one of the half limes. The acid in the fruit helps to shed toxins, and the warm water softens the feet and relaxes her. Soak a hand towel in the bowl and hold it above her knee for a while, letting it drip water down her calf and foot. Then rotate the ankles clockwise and counterclockwise, and do the same on each toe, gently pulling each one of them.
This is the perfect moment to apply lotion such as Bon Vital foot balm, which you can find at Discount Medical supplies. Once it has been applied, take her foot in your hands and push your thumbs deep over the soles, back and forth. Next, move your thumbs in a semicircular, horizontal motion, right underneath the ball of the foot. Put your thumbs on opposite sides of the sole, sliding them towards each other and to the opposite side of the foot, moving down until reaching the heel.
Intertwining your fingers, rest them on the top of the foot with your thumbs on the sole. Slide hands up and down over the entire foot, while applying pressure with the thumbs. Gently slide fingertips up and down the channels between the metatarsals. Glide your thumb beginning at the outside of the ankle, where muscle meets bone, all the way up to the shin, pressuring slightly. 
Well, now you know the tips to give your partner an awesome foot massage. Be sure never to use them on another man’s wife though, lest her husband has someone throw you off a fourth-floor balcony and into a glass house. Just saying.