Good news! Too much sex can’t give you a heart attack.

While the possibility of having a heart attack while the act of sex is a reality, a group of German scientists have stated that having an active sex life doesn’t increase the risk of getting a heart attack. According to this new research performed by the University of Ulm, patients with a heart condition can resume and enjoy their sex life, even after suffering from cardiac arrest. This study eventually made its way and was published recently on the “Journal of the American College of Cardiology” to much joy for those worrying about their sexual health.

Dr. Dietrich Rothenbacher lead this research team and has stated to the press that “it is important to assure these patients that they must not worry and they can continue enjoying their normal sex life”. It is well known that one of the underlying subsequent issues that follows a cardiac episode or a heart condition diagnosis is that the patients might feel hindered or unsure of their sexual capabilities, thus truly damaging their sexual health and self-esteem. 

The Study

To come to their conclusions, the group of experts observed during a lapse of ten years up to 536 patients between the ages of 30 and 70. Participants provided data on their sex life during the first 12 months prior to their heart attack. More than half of them said they had sexual intercourse at least once a week and a 15% declared themselves abstinent.

Patients were encouraged to say when was the last time they had sex before the their cardiac arrest. Then, researchers gathered data on the patients’ heart condition and their sex life during a whole decade. During this time many patients in fact had another cardiac arrest, a stroke or some other cardiovascular incident, but never related to their sex life.

Balancing a heart condition and a healthy sex life

One of the major influential factors to sustaining a good sexual health is having self-confidence. Once a person has had a heart attack, he or she might feel that their physical capabilities are limited and that sex could be hazardous. It is perfectly understandable that after having a cardiac episode that a couple’s sex life is affected. While it’s true that a person might not be at their fullest capacity, it doesn’t mean that they are unable to resume a healthy sex life.

It is during these times that people under these special circumstances find ways to spice their sex life. They can find great deal of help in the shape of sexual toys like vibrators, as well in moisturizers and lubricants. What ever tickles your fancy. Working on their sexual health after a heart attack will not only keep them in a much better mood, they will also build up their self-esteem as well.

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