Grab some H20 and toast to World Kidney Day!

March 13th was this year’s World Kidney Day. Discount Medical supplies is a company that not only provides the best service, equipment and products, but are also true advocates of healthy life maintenance and illness prevention. They strive in supporting many causes and care giving organizations, therefore publishing articles like this that remind its customers the importance of choosing to live better.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a growing condition among Americans and unfortunately treatment costs are becoming a big burden on healthcare systems around the world. (WKD) has taken the important task along with other kidney organizations to create awareness on the importance in keeping a healthy life and prevention of CKDs.
Your kidneys are in charge of filtering your blood. Around 180 liters of blood get filtered close to 50 times a day. They’re like the body’s washing machine… well, sort of. They keep it clean from any waste material that could eventually affect the body, therefore making its correct functioning vital to anyone.  When they don't function properly, the toxins in the waste build up, producing dangerous health conditions. By treating them right, you shouldn’t see any chance of developing diabetes or blood related conditions in the future.

This year, their main theme on this important day is “Chronic Kidney Disease and Aging”. While it is a fact that CKD can evolve at any age, it becomes more common as we grow older. A healthy life can only be maintained through habit, there are many temptations out there that try to get us off track but only a true disciplined mind can vanquish any health enemies they could find along the way. Dr. Scott Solcher, a nephrologist at Cotton-O'Neil Clinic in Topeka, Kansas, says "People over the age of 60 are at greater risk, but so are younger people with high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol. Anyone with these conditions, or those who have a family history, should consider a screening for kidney function to spot potential problems". The WKD organization has plenty of material, and even have the “golden rules” to improve your quality of life and avoid silent killers as CKDs are. Some of these rules are: healthy fluid intake and diet,  stay fit and active, keep your blood pressure in check, don’t smoke, control your blood sugar, be careful about your salt intake and stay away from processed foods as much as possible, among others.
The calling is upon all of us and especially to health professionals and medical staff to be proactive and combat CKDs through early detection and prevention approaches. And just as is asking everyone to show their support by drinking water, we make a H2O toast and wish you all had a happy World Kidney day!