Great Nutrition for Heart Disease Prevention


It is impossible to understate the importance of a good and balanced nutrition for heart disease prevention. And from a prevention standpoint, weight control and exercise can be fundamental in keeping a healthy heart, just as much as keeping a balanced diet. All these factors combined can reduce the risk of heart disease or having a stroke by a large margin of 80%. Yet, having the numbers there on paper available to all of us. Heart disease is one of the major causes of death for both men and women alike in the US. We have the tools to prevent that from happening, not to mention the improved quality of life and benefits that a balanced diet also brings our bodies.

In order to get started, experts and doctor’s alike suggest that the very first step that you need to make is to take a look into your habits and examine them. Take into consideration that many of our daily actions could have in the long run could have positive or negative impacts that might not be as evident at first. Quitting smoking, drinking less and modifying your diet can lead powerful and decisive impacts on your life.


To successfully prevent heart disease, one of the first activities that you can do is improving your diet. It might seem difficult at first but it I actually rather simple. Just making some changes on your normal diets can do the trick. To do so let’s illustrated in a comprehensive way, here are some quick tips to help you get started:

Instead of eating this…

Eat this…

Trans fats found in deep fried foods,  saturated fats from whole-fat dairy, and red meat.

Try what are known as “healthy fats”, such as raw nuts, fish oils, olive oil, avocados or flax seeds.


White bread, egg bread, refined pastas and rice

Cereals, whole grain pasta, integral breads, legumes.


Foods that are high in sodium, normally these would be packaged foods.


Eat more nutrients, such as colorful fruits and vegetables. They can be either fresh or frozen.


Fried chicken, bacon, sausage and red meat


Poultry, Fish and shellfish

Canned fruit, packed with heavy syrup


Canned fruit packed in juice or water.


Another healthy tip for a good diet is to begin helping your body cleanse from toxic build-up in the intestines, for that we recommend that you consider a cleansing tea in exchange for coffee every now and then. Once you begin to modify your diet you will find that online and in several sources there are many healthy options and recipes that your could start trying for yourself. If you steer your nutrition for heart disease prevention, the benefits will become evident with the passing time.

Once the changes have been made, taking up exercises and physical activities are also important. Turning your life to a more active one will, solidify and help reduce the risk of any heart disease from appearing. Ask a physical trainer and check for possible exercise regime you could add to your routine, remember that Discount Medical Supplies carries a wide variety of fitness equipment so you can get started.

Heart disease is a fully preventable threat. The power is in our hands and we can make that change happen. It is truly up to us to achieve it.

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