Oil habits never die

It is an ancient remedy that is becoming more popular in a social media era. Oil pulling is said to be a miraculous and healthy technique to cure many conditions of the body and some diseases in the long term. Many holistic health experts and alternative medicine practitioners swear by it. Deepak Chopra is one of its biggest promoters. A new habit for most but that has been around for centuries could be the simple most inexpensive solution for many ailments in your body.

According to the Chopra center, the natural healing sciences coming from the Vedic culture of India originated the Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old curing method that uses oil pulling as one of its most successful techniques. It is said to have the power to offer a long healthy life for those who are rooted to this habit.
The oil pulling method is simply taking a teaspoon of any oil (experts recommend sesame or sunflower oil) into your mouth and swish it around for 20 minutes every morning before washing your teeth on an empty stomach and even before drinking any liquids, including water. Afterwards you should be spitting a whitish fluid and rinse your mouth with salty warm water or just wash your teeth.

As per this ayurvedic medicine technique, by pulling oil every day or at least three times a week, you will be getting rid of all the bacteria and toxins in your body since cold-pressed oils naturally attract microbes and toxin agents. Therefore, when spitting the oil, these germs will leave the body too, keeping your body purified and healed.
Although it takes time to actually see any results, the first improvement you’ll see could take as soon as two weeks to show… whiter teeth and healthier gums. Other conditions that could be cured from this method are ulcers, thrombosis, headaches, bronchitis, etc. According to experienced oil pullers it could even prevent the growth of malignant tumors, insomnia and provide a faster healing process for skin wounds.
It may seem a little ironic that a common ingredient of obesity diets could help cure and prevent so many conditions and help keep a healthy body. However, this “miracle method” keeps amazing thousands of oil pullers around the world. Scientific studies are yet to provide proof of any successful result. So maybe what is left to do is simply giving it a shot.

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